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Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC is a nationally licensed, bonded, and insured boutique collection agency. Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC provides debt recovery services including revenue cycle management, early intervention, back office support, and First and Third-party collections for clients in the recovery of outstanding accounts receivable. This company also undergoes regular SOC 1 (Service Organization Control) Type II audits.


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Former Employee - Collector says

"I worked at Stoneleigh Recovery Associates full-time for less than a year Cons: Cant pick up overtime. There is a Saturday shift. Forced "Ironmans" 8 am- 8pm for everyone. Everyone is dating and if you aren't dating or related to people in there you get crappy accounts. Hard to bonus and collect. HR lady does not know what she is doing, she asked one of my coworkers who quit for her medical records because she wanted to see "what was going on". (because of consistent doctors notes) She was going thru a cancer scare which is so crazy that that lady would do that! she needs to be fired."

Former Employee - Collector says

"I worked at Stoneleigh Recovery Associates full-time for more than 3 years Cons: if your not expect to not have fair placements of accounts expect never to be awarded merit raises or yearly raises no matter the effort you put in or how much you produce for the company the bonus structure sucks"

Former Employee - Collector says

"I worked at Stoneleigh Recovery Associates full-time Cons: low base salary, hard to bonus"

Collections Representative (Former Employee) says

"Everyone dates each other or has been there for years. Leads go within friendships. Managers date employees and get all of the great accounts. Newbies get accounts with 30 plus derogatory accounts. A waste of time cold calling for one to two people to actually answer and hang up Cons: Everything"

Team Lead/Third Party Debt Collector (Former Employee) says

"They were unfair, only people they knew personally were leveraged, they talked down to you, there was favoritism, my advancement opportunities, the pay was unfair Cons: Little pay, horrible behavior, favoritisms"

Debt Recovery Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The team leads are very rude... they only want to work with people whom they like. The office is small and if the mangers don't like you they will make sure your fired . The job is stressful you have to make the company 20,000 to not get wrote up. Managers will come to the parking lot harrasing if a manager has an issue they go to Human Resources to relay there message . Very messy place to work. Female drama . The worker sells drugs in the Facitlity and sells it to the mangers. Very tough place to work for."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very competitive. High energy. Strong minded to be employed. Management is unorganized. Drama. ......................................................."

Medical Biller/3rd Party Collector (Former Employee) says

"My direct manager was cool as a person but the company as a whole like to prey on people that was not able to advance their career due to felony charges or lack of motivation to better themselves."

Debt Collector/ Training Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day for me revolved around creating and promoting effecting training techniques for new hires."

Collections Representative (Current Employee) says

"It's an okay place to work but not a lot of room for growth. The managers are great, and so are most of the people there. The problem is that you can only advance so far"

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